Vasthi Karma

The vasthi Karma treatment is not only essential but it is considered to be having an involvement with the enema of oils, or even sometimes buttermilk as it is already being mentioned and Herbs decoctions.

This means that vasthi is often referred to as a particular treatment that is majorly concerning the activities of the panchakarmas. There are eliminated therapies, especially those that deal with the Vata dosha and take care of the body as the system crashes out the toxins that accumulated in the body.

The panchakarma procedures as it is being referred to as detoxification and also dealing with the rejuvenation of the body majorly instills the metabolism and boosts the aspect of disease prevention. It is also related to anuvasana there is also known as the oil enema and the Niruha which is also known as the asthapanavasti.

This refers to the herbal decoctions on the other hand which are capable of channeling in the body and flushing out any type of toxins that are presented there so as the metabolism can be boosted and there can be a proper pacification of the Vata dosha.

Hence, vasthi Karma is considered to be playing a very vital role among the panchakarma. It is therefore considered to be a special instrument or tool in the entire Ayurveda treatment.