Among the panchakarma treatments, Urobasti is capable of curing any kind of disease that is heart-related or related to the blood supply and maintenance of strong muscles. Urovasti is divided into two different words, firstly, Uro refers to the chest in Sanskrit and the other part vasti or Vasthi majorly means retaining or retainment.

This ayurvedic treatment outcome is among the best panchakarma treatments that are provided by us. A particular herbal oil that is also medicated is being used for the correspondence of this treatment. The treatment revolves around balancing the doshas or imbalances that are happening in the body by dedicating it to therapies that relate to herbal massages for correcting them.

The procedure-related to Urovasti has professionals doing this oil massage that is herbs boiled in a particular quantity of vegetable oil to prepare a concoction. There are many benefits gained including relief from respiratory problems, capable of bringing back the heart functions, and its revitalization by strengthening and properly regulating aspects.

Moreover, this treatment is capable of even curing the Ischemic diseases of the heart which includes even symptoms for chest pain and proper regulation and correction of cardiomyopathy. Urovasti has its secondary implications in the correction of the Vata dosha and is essentially important to be done by experts for professionals in Ayurveda who are experienced with this herbal massage.