Udvarthanam is a somewhat special treatment. This is because it is not only converted into a full body massage after the joint or the specific pain or affected area is being massaged with but its name comes from the upward direction. It also has a certain conversation with the direction of how the massage is to be made.

This includes the perfect opposite direction of how the body hair grows. This is called the prathiloma. Udvarthanam or Udhvarthanam provides therapeutic massages with the herbal powders that are being prepared and the treatment establishes a very prominent role in including deep tissue therapeutic detoxification.

The powders are being robbed on the body forcibly before going into a massage for the entire body. There is a proper reduction of the cellulite through this method or treatment. Moreover among various other therapies of Ayurveda, this massage therapy seems to have greater results with the combination and the type of treatment that is induced.

Udvarthanam is very effective and does not only reduce any kind of obesity or overweight but it also helps in exfoliating dead cells from the upper layer of the skin and also gives a perfect tone to it. These massages are capable of improving the body-blood circulation and also help in the reduction of any kind of subcutaneous fat.