Several parts of the body experience pain, especially from spondylitis and some chronic types of similar diseases. Takradhara is its treatment which is also known as sudation therapy. This therapy takes place with the help of Ayurveda which includes not medicated oils this time but some medicated buttermilk.

Takradhara also refers to shirodhara which rings its meaning as a decoction that is being poured from over the head and the major concept of Dhara is that it is somewhat like a stream that is being mentioned in Sanskrit.

Any type of muscle pains and joint pains better chronic in nature along with some chronic headaches are becoming an integral part of the ailments for treating which people come in the clinic. Moreover, this treatment is also used and is effectively working on insomnia as it has been experienced. It is also about the neuropathy and the diseases related to the ear and nose that are getting proper help from the takradhara treatment.

The takradhara treatment here includes enhancement of the blood circulation and stress reduction or else with the mental stress also. Moreover, this is also about the improvement being underlying with a digestive power which might be secondary but yet it works to help ease the brain as well as the mind..