Sirovasthi is for those people who have some nervous disorders and it is majorly applied to these patients who have these kinds of chronic disorders. In the sirovasthi, the root word means the head or refers to the center of the body.

This procedure gets its head start from using an amalgamation of oils that might include ghee, castor oil, extracts from several herbs, milk, or even sometimes Ginger oil, and then a concoction is being prepared. These oils are being blended and then it is being poured with other blended substances on the head of the patient.

Sirovasthi treatment not only helps with the nourishment of the nerve ends but is also about stress control or restoring any nerve disorders that was consequently creating difficulties for the individual or the patient. Shirovasti, therefore, is much more effective with the span of 7 or sometimes even 14 days.

Moreover, this medicated oil has some properties that are related to the healing acts of taking care of the autonomous as well as the central tune of the nervous system. This enormously helps the spinal cord as well and effective results are being gained successfully if the treatment goes on properly.