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We are here for your care

Profession mental health advisors

Empathetic and experienced mental health advisors providing guidance and support here to help you navigate life's challenges, fostering well-being and resilience.


Christina lois

Chairman and founder


Jessica brown



Kate mason


Absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g! i have worked with quite a few themes over the years and i have to say that themetechmount have really nailed this one! it’s so easy to use, it’s versatile, it’s really well documented and their customer support is excellent! they are very helpful and very quick to reply.
This theme feels like they tried to fit elementor into a pre-existing theme. no elementor theme builder components exist. header and footer are controlled by the theme options, not elementor templates. the slider revolution slider is controlled at the page level. the theme works for what it is, but it requires theme option changes.
Template options can be overridden, but that requires more dev work than expected. i would only recommend this theme if the exact template from the demo will work for you. also, not all content imports correctly which requires their support team to gain admin access into the site to fix.