Podikizhi – Relaxing Ayurvedic Therapy

This is an ayurvedic treatment or better known as a therapy where a herbal powder is being made from specific rejuvenating herbs and is being used. 12 herbs are being used here and since it is kept in a pouch or is tied up just as the shape, it is called kizhi. For curing back pain, joint pain which is the crude form of arthritis, sometimes even conditions of non-muscular and even analysis, the podikizhi can be used.

This powder that is gained is warmed up and then it is being massaged on the part of the body that has this pain. This is not only relaxing but is very revitalizing. This treatment is majorly effective as an ayurvedic treatment, especially with the recommendation of massage of the body with abhyanga. The best ayurvedic treatment that is given in the nearest clinics not only helps in treating obesity but also deals with the strengthening of muscles, helping to cure joint pain or any swelling or even stiffness, and also helps in curing sports injuries.

Therefore this treatment is essentially helpful for effective therapy with Ayurveda to involve good massage on the affected area and then it is involved majorly with warm oil or sometimes even dry with which the effective area of the joint is being massaged.