Rice also has some specific healing and medicinal qualities. In a specific part of Kerala, only this rice is grown and cooking enhances the medicinal qualities that it has. Njavarakizhi dedicates some of the rejuvenating and tension relieving activities for bearing with the stress of the model life

There are some medical benefits as well based on the ayurvedic treatment or massage. Njavarakizhi is very different from other types of ayurvedic treatments and that is because I hear such prices are mixed with certain types of herbal extract and milk and then a pouch is created.

This pouch is also called the kizhi. When applying these massages or treatments using this particular method it is all about the perspiration required to be induced throughout the procedure and the major context behind this treatment is also the same. There is a multitude of benefits from it which not only include the production of joint pains or helping with arthritis but it is also about strengthening the digestive system and also dealing with the sense organs.

Moreover, whenever this treatment is being done it is all about helping with the reduction of stress or any type of fatigue and even anxiety to help the mind get relaxed and the body accompanies it.