The kativasti treatment is very effective for the lower back of the spine, especially relating to joint pains and back pain. Spondylosis in the lumbar region, along with various other strenuous pains can be cured through Kati Basti. Kati Basti or kativasti treatment is therefore considered to be very special and is always performed by professionals to not only a dress slip disc or lumbosacral disorders but also relates to the backache in the lower part..

This treatment among the panchakarma treatment majorly and essentially deals with the pains and pain reliefs. The herbal oil that is being used for the bending of the region that is being affected not only helps in nourishing the nervous as well as the muscles but also strengthens them to get absorbed with the circulation system even deeply.

The Kati vasti treatment is therefore very helpful for any kind of degenerative problems or problems related to muscle spasms and backaches in the lower end of the spine. Also relates to specific pain relief for some primary sides holding tension as well as being capable to restore the flexibility of any kind.