Janu Basti

The knee joint is being addressed here. Janu Basti is about medicated oils being poured on as well as around the joint of the knee and then finally by following a time duration or some time limits this procedure is being repeated again and again.

The Janu Basti uses a medicated oil as well as a mixture and concoction made with oil and herbal powders. This medicinal oil is very helpful and it is not only helping the joint pains or knee pains but is also relieving other small pains.

These majorly include a particular type of panchakarma treatment known as the upakarma. Janu Basti here is the Sanskrit for knees and Basti, on the other hand, is considered to be a container or even sometimes a perfect stand that retains the medicated oil.

Janu Basti therefore ideally improvises several functions that are being done by the joint of the knee but it is also used in the prevention of any other kinds of degenerative changes. Moreover, Basti is also considered to be the urinary bladder that is being mentioned in Ayurveda. Overall, Janu Basti is very helpful when being done in regular compartments for certain fixed types of durations.