Greeva Vasti Treatment

Greeva vasti treatment refers to a certain panchakarma treatment that has some super specialty. It is all about pouring medicated oils and then pooling them. This type of treatment is capable of not only helping with the problems that come from the sitting posture of continuous work and stress, which is majorly helpful for the skeletal tissues.

This is a different type of treatment but also includes medicated oils and herbal powder. This means that whenever there is a lack of movements in the body there are certain problems that arise specially written to the shoulder and the tissues that are around it. Greevavasti is a Sanskrit word where greeva means neck and on the other hand, vasti means container where the oil that is being poured is stored.

This refers to a certain place near the neck. This procedure is not only capable of helping in the reduction of pain in the joints but is also helpful for increasing blood circulation and providing relaxation to the norms as well as the muscles

This means that there is improved flexibility being noticed here. It is also capable of improving the circulation of blood in the body, especially in the region that is near the neck or the shoulders, or the adjoining ones. The flexibility is also being increased and there is smoothening of the movement of the neck and the shoulders.