About Us

Sri Harsha Ayurved Hospital was established in 2002 by Sambasiva Rao Peteti, with all the supreme strength that was imparted to him by the Ayurvedic Stalverts like his father Ramamurthy Peteti, and grandfather VenkatarayuduPeteti and another grandfather Sri Lakshmana Sharma Peteti. In addition to this, self acquired knowledge as an “MD” Ayurveda from Dr. BRKR Government Medical CollegeHydrabad. ,(NTRuniversity of health sciences) Mr. Sambasiva Rao also served the public as an Ayurvedic Professor in GAMS Tendal Karnataka Ayurvedic Mecial College and in Varanasi APEX Ayurvedic Mecial College during these two decades. His father Dr. Rama Murthy Peteti, an eminent “Ayurvedic Doctor, spent 51 years, served the public at large without any returns; continued lifelong. He was to distribute medicines also free in his life, including medicines calcinated by himself. He is a famous doctor for the treatments specific in ortho, some of the chronic diseases like joint pains and to such as IBS, Ulcerativecolitis namely Grahani in Ayurveda. Another grandfather of Dr.Sambasiva Rao, Dr. Lakshmana Sharma Peteti, also served the public through Ayurveda for fifty years (from 1920 to 1970). He was an expert in diagnosing through Naadi functioning. He was a wonderful doctor in treating many horrible diseases like Cancer also in those days. He was settled down in a village Guntupalli of Prakasam District in the United Andhra Pradesh. He produced innovative medicines for various diseases in the era. While preparing such medicines, he allowed his disciples for imparting the knowledge about the medicine. Dr.Sambasiva Rao also, in the foot prints of his ancestors, even through panchakarma process also made many people healthy. He is familiar for his treatments as the spinalcord “Disc Problems, Ortho through Panchakarma procedures like VAMANAKARMA ,VIRECHANA KARMA ,VASTHI KARMA. Simultaneously he is more popular in treating Fistula and Piles through a special process called Ksharasuthra.