ayurharshaUttar vasti

Uttar vasti is a part of vasti karma in which vasti is administered in the vaginal cavity or in the urethra.The nozzle of the kale urethra is to be about 12 anguli.Now a day’s rubber catheter is being used.

ayurharshaUttar vasti Treatment

Small pills made out of araghwadh leaves with Nirgundi juice, rock salt and cow’s urine is made of the size that of mustard seed and then it is introduced in the urethra in order to avoid the sneh coming out that has been introduced.In case of any allergic reaction, a decoction prepared from Yastimadhu and honey and sugar and be used as Uttar vasti.

Uttar vasti is being advised in disease like mutrakritch (Dysurea), ashmari (Calculi), spermatorrhoea, pain in the bladder or in the groin region, disease of the bladder etc.